galerie dudokdegroot

In 2015, Nicole Dudok van Heel and Jedithja de Groot opened galerie dudok de groot. The gallery represents a number of permanent artists and works together with a select group of guest artists. The gallery’s programme includes so called ‘relay’ exhibitions, in which new works of artists are showcased first in a solo exhibition and then in combination with another artist.

ARTISTS 2018: Ilona Plaum, Paul Bogaers


ALBADA JELGERSMA opened in September 2017 and is located in the centre of Amsterdam. The gallery’s goal is to exhibit ground breaking contemporary art from Dutch and foreign artists in the gallery. It aims to contribute to the conversation that makes art vital: events are organised where artists, art critics, scientists and art lovers meet to investigate and share the meaning and value of art. The gallery shows a new exhibition every two months.

Rietveld Academie Department of Photography

The Gerrit Rietveld Academie is a university of applied sciences for Fine Arts and Design. Their aim is to help students develop a unique style whilst gaining skills and creativity in their field. The Gerrit Rietveld Academie promotes the individual freedom of the students to develop a personal approach and determine their own future path.

Laurence Aegerter

In an ongoing process that oscillates between projects in public space, photography and artist’s books, Laurence Aëgerter’s work addresses the permanent transformation that lies in the essence of things. Examining the archive that shapes our collective memory, displacement and translation play an important part in her work. She has exhibited in several international solo and group shows.

Gallery A Books

Gallery A books specialises in books by and about performance art and artists. Titles include, The Best of Wim T. Schippers, The Taboo in The Arts, Fluxus, the most radical and experimental art movement of the sixties, Stanley Brouwn, a chronology and 25 Fluxus Stories.

artKitchen / CultClub

artKitchen gallery specialises in contemporary art, consisting of a wide variety of Dutch and international artists. Under the name CultClub, they produce publications and organise cultural events.

The Merchant House

The Merchant House presents and sells contemporary art. Established by Marsha Plotnitsky in 2012 as a modern take on the Amsterdam tradition of a merchant, it is a self-supporting exhibition space. Taking inspiration from their location, they seek to explore the city as a critical nexus and reconnect with the avant-garde themes that exemplify it.

ARTISTS 2017: Sylvie Bonnot


C&H gallery

C&H gallery was founded to engage and support young contemporary and established artists with new visions, and concepts. Moved by a strong passion and love for the arts, Cosimo Ricatto and Hanneke Huisman established C&H gallery in early 2011. Before opening the gallery Cosimo and Hanneke organised exhibitions from the privacy of their own home, beginning in 2008. On the Tweede Kostverlorenkade 50 they found the perfect location for their dream, a unique gallery space. After extensive rebuilding and remodeling the gallery was inaugurated in February 2011.

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