Italy, Modena Stand 19

Marcella Manni founded METRONOM in 2008 in Modena. It is mainly devoted to photography and video, and since its inception has hosted exhibitions of both Italian and international artists, with a particular focus on young talents. All exhibition projects are presented with the aim of showing new work, previously unseen in Italy. Within its space of 150 square metres, METRONOM also hosts workshops, book launches, lectures and discussions in collaboration with local institutions and other partners.

ARTISTS 2018: Alberto Sinigaglia, Martina della Valle, TILO&TONI

ARTISTS 2017: TILO&TONI, Mark Dorf, Rachele Maistrello

ARTISTS 2016: Martina Della Valle, The Cool Couple, Alberto Sinigaglia, Sanna Kannisto

ARTISTS 2015: Alberto Sinigaglia, Martina Della Valle, The Cool Couple

ARTISTS 2014: Eeva Hannula, Esther Mathis, Simone Bergantini, The Cool Couple